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Homeschool Testing

Soon after moving to Winston-Salem, North Carolina I saw an abundant need for “academic testers” in the homeschooling community. Not a homeschool expert myself, but an expert in administering assessments, and a mother of two, I felt compelled to serve this community. Doing so also allows me to better serve my own family. 

Rest assured parents, your child(ren) will feel right at home with me during the testing process. Part of my training and experience has been in how to ensure that so that I get a child's best efforts on testing. 


There are multiple tests you can choose from to satisfy the annual academic testing requirements in North Carolina. I recommend review of the NC-DOA website for more detailed information. My admittedly biased personal recommendation is the Woodcock Johnson-IV. While rapport is established prior to the start of testing, children often do warm up and in turn perform better as testing proceeds. Looking at academic skills from two different angles can also be helpful to determine your child's learning style. I do understand however that for many families, this option is not affordable. I, therefore, offer the WRAT-V as a less comprehensive, more budget friendly option.

**Disclaimer: Academic testing, such as the WJ-IV, is merely one piece of an evaluation for a learning disability. If you have concerns about a learning disability in your child, I can recommend licensed providers in the area who can do a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation.** 



Off peak and sibling discounts available.

Pricing Plans


~ 45 minutes

Assesses the minimum required by the state: Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Mathematics.

Budget friendly option.


(first child)

Woodcock Johnson-IV

~ 75 minutes

A more comprehensive review of academic performance. Nine subtests given. 

Most recommended.


(first child)

Woodcock Johnson-IV +

Allow 2 hours

This adds Humanities, Social Studies, and Science.  


Suggested as consideration for those in High School.

$125 (first child)

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